Immortalizing my friends

Well here we are again friends. Finally another update. I know.. I was slow again.. sorry. Between Streaming, TV, Work, Tiktok, and gaming I am very slow with the actual drawing. I need less hobbies… or retirement! lol. Maybe someday I will get more of these done.

This one was fun for me because I got to add my good friend to the strip. If you forget what happened…We first saw him in the strip a LOOOONG time ago as a regular gecko with a J name when god (aka me) was killing off all the J named beavers. This guy hid in a cave and performed a ritual of immortality so I could not kill him. Instead he got knocked out of his skin when a statue fell on him. poor guy. But here he’s back and better (?) than ever.

Don’t worry Sam and Stingey won’t be gone long either. They will remain recurring characters but I will also do more one off jokes and stories like I used to.

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Much love