Well.. we did it. Tackling politics and racism!

Well we did it.  Www.beavergeckowars.com is back with another new issue! Not only are Stingey and Sam home now, but I am back tackling political and philosophical subjects with this comic. Don’t get scared! We have always done this here in the beginning. Plus.. I promise the cute carnage and murderous mayhem you all know and love will continue. 😛

So this episode is pretty obviously the start of a storyline about racism and the enigmatic new leader of the beavers, Grand Pumba Drumpf.  It has some pretty obvious parallels with what is currently happening in the world. If this offends you… you probably need to reevaluate your beliefs and priorities.

Hopefully people can take this storyline as it is intended; as a criticism of racism and a humorous way to point out how insanely ridiculous  it is.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to express support for Black Lives Matter and all other groups that are standing against racism and injustice. Also, if you care about this at all, and there are protests happening in your area please give them support and love.


Thanks all!