Well we have done it!

Well we have done it guys and girls! Our intrepid heroes, Stingey and Sam, have now toured all the newsprint comicstrips that inspired me as a kid. When I started this storyline I knew I had to visit Calvin and Hobbes and Pearls before Swine. They are both dear to my heart and if you haven’t read them I highly recommend you do. We aren’t quite done in the Pearls world though. I mean really.. Stingey HAS to meet Rat. 😛

This strip is also another milestone; its our 50th issue! I’m both surprised I got this far and surprised it took so long. Sometimes I waited far too long before getting off my ass. Sorry about that. If you want them faster… yell at me more.  Hearing feedback is a great motivator. Rest assured we are not done yet!

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