Wait… I was on time?

Whats going on? Is this some weird parallel universe? Like Stingey and Sam, were you all transported to another dimension? One where Xhojin is actually on time?!

Nope.. you are still on Earth Prime. I just actually met my deadline or one new comic a month! Holy crap! Don’t get used to it though. I can’t handle the pressure!

In all seriousness, I am pretty happy to get another one done. This time it only took 4 hours start to finish. The amazing and talented Stephan Pastis is a smart man for making his characters so easy to draw. I should have been as smart when I started! 😛

This episode wraps up our time in his universe. I wish I could have spend more time here as it is one of my favorite comic strips, but I’m itching to get Stingey and Sam back home so we can see whats changed while they were gone…..

Of course…not everything works out every time right?


Thanks to everyone who follows this webcomic! much love to you all.

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