Late.. but its worth it?!

OK ok ok.. I didn’t hit my deadline this time.. So it took Stingey and Sam to 5 different online worlds! Can you recognize them all? The humor, such as it is, in this strip kind of relies on knowing other famous webcomics. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully the creators of these worlds I visited don’t mind. 😛

This episode does wrap up this adventure of Stingey and Sams. We are going home baby!!! WOOHOOOO! This means next issue I will be back in my world with some of my old characters, with some philosophical and political introspection. Don’t worry.. Sam and Stingey will still be around. I love those little bastards.

Spoiler alert!!!!!















Special thanks to the creators of Dark Legacy, Questionable Content, Homestuck, Hyperbole and a Half, and all the people that make creepy Garfield memes (specially the one I referenced). You all inspire me to be better at my comic strip.


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