Home at last!

Well Gentlefriends, our intrepid heroes, Stingey the Gecko and Sam the Beaver have finally made it home. It’s been a long slow road (yes that’s all my fault sorry friends) but they made it safe and sound and only a few famous cartoon characters had to die along the way.

Things aren’t quite as they were before Stingey and Sam went on their adventure though. Stay tuned to see what is new.

The strip will change a bit after this as well. I will be making a mix of stand alone episodes (the the strip original was) as well as some continuous story ones (like Stingey and Sams adventure). This will open up more creative avenues for me. It will also let me do a little more of the philosophical and political commentary that I did in the strips early days.

I hope you stick with me and I will TRY to get these done faster!


Thank you to everyone who pesters me until I create one of these! Do it more often!



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